NightViszon LED Headlights

Precision engineering for maximum light output



I am in love with these headlights. They give me the best night vision I've had in a car. They are great on low beams and have a fantastic high beam. I was always afraid of driving canyons at night in fear of not having enough light to help me see animals that may appear on the side of the road, but these help me see far better that any other headlights that I am not afraid of not having enough light to help keep me safe!

Mari D.

I've been using the LED headlights for about one year now. I have them in a Chevy Express passenger van. They continue to be bright, very white and provide great coverage for the road. I changed out Halogen bulbs. I always purchased the best brightest halogen bulbs from one of the best brands, even though the brighter bulbs had a short life and had to be replaced every 2 years or so. This upgrade has been very satisfying. The light is significantly brighter and whiter. My other car is a Lexus LS with HID lamps that are very good but these bulbs are every bit the equal of my Lexus plus the bulbs are rated to last much longer. 

Because the space around the headlights was cramped, I used the LEDs with the ribbon heat sink. The installation was very easy and I've been so impressed with the quality. I will continue to buy these going forward for other cars I own. Because they are LED's I doubt I will ever have to replace these bulbs in my van again. These bulbs worth purchasing. The upgrade from my old halogen was so impressive I wish I had switched years ago. Even if your headlights are still working this is worth the upgrade. You won't regret it!

Mark T.

Great build quality felt very solid. The lights produce a excellent beam pattern on the road. Both high and low beams provide excellent visibility. I didn't have to modify any wiring it was a direct plug & play. I have had no issues with flickering or the light cutting out. I installed for almost a year now and I have no complaints at all. I would highly recommend!

Travis D.